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Masters of Malt

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A bold new renegade,
thousands of years in the making


For Millennia, the gnarled and twisted mastic tree of Greece has incited jealousy and warfare.

Cultivated on the ‘Snake Island’ of Chios, these trees are milked for their aromatic resin, which has been coveted, traded and fought over for generations. This resin has flavoured foods, been exchanged as currency, and been valued in religious ceremonies. It was once even used to create snakebite anti-venom - a potent elixir from which Axia, with its high mastic resin content, has been inspired.

  • cultivation


  • harvest

  • maceration

  • distillation

  • blending

  • resting

The Founders

Adrian Clarke

Adrian is an investor and entrepreneur with extensive understanding of the international spirits industry and premium discretionary spend category. He is chairman of Delarki Ltd and Tenacious Labs, who have recently formed a landmark partnership with global cannabis investment fund Artemis Growth Partners to create Artemis Tenacious Group, Europe's largest cannabis investment platform. With seven generations of spirit-making running through his DNA (Bacardi LTD), Adrian brings together an innate understanding of the industry, an enthusiasm for product innovation and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

Nikos Kaloyannis

Nikos is a fifth-generation distiller and former CEO and Chairman of much-loved Greek distillery Plomari, one of Greece’s largest distilleries, exporting Ouzo to 46 countries worldwide. Nikos is the former President of the Greek Federation of Spirits Producers and with a lifetime in the industry, instinctively knows how to cultivate a Grecian spirit. It was thanks to his artistry and experience, combined with Adrian’s flair for the new, that Axia began its evolutionary journey.

Nick Morland

Nick is a qualified chartered accountant with significant experience in the London international insurance market as well as in international private equity. He is co-founder of Delarki Ltd and CEO of Tenacious Labs, who have recently formed a landmark partnership with global cannabis investment fund Artemis Growth Partners to create Artemis Tenacious Group, Europe's largest cannabis investment platform. Nick holds directorships in a range of geographies from Europe to South Africa, and in industries including publishing, commodities, wellness and premium F&B and finance.

Demetri Argyropoulos

Demetri is a charismatic dealmaker who knows a brilliant idea when he sees one. He is a YPOer and alumnus of Harvard Business School and founder & CEO of Avant Global, which has generated over $20 billion in value creation, with investment in over 100 start-ups.

Demetri is highly regarded in the global business community for his proven track record in assembling talent and capabilities in founding companies to acquire an exceptional competitive advantage. It was thanks to Demetri that Adrian and Nikos joined forces to create and launch Axia.

The Makers & Shakers

Maroussa Tsachaki

Master Distiller

Athens born Maroussa Tsachaki is the Master Distiller behind AXIA. Maroussa is an oenologist with 25 years experience in the Wine & Spirits industry including Champagne Pommery, Maison Trimbach and Domaine Chatzimichalis and has been working at Plomari Distillery for more than a decade. She studied Oenology and Beverage Technology and earned a Master’s Degree in Wine Production Management from Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne followed by a PhD in Food Science from the University of Nottingham. Maroussa is co-author of 8 peer reviewed publications in highly respected scientific journals, also contributing two published book chapters in Flavour Science.

Giannis Miliotis

Global Brand Ambassador

Hailing from Athens and embracing the heritage of Chios, Giannis Miliotis is a connoisseur and ambassador of mastic based beverages.

As the former head bartender at Oz Cocktail Bar and manager of Oz Bay, Veranda, Giannis brought mastic's distinct flavour to the forefront. His artistry and vison were acknowledged through his irole in the ‘Mastiha Experience’ team, culminating in international acclaim and numerous awards. Now, Giannis channels his zeal for mastic as the global ambassador for Axia, creating a benchmark for artisanal yet modern, premium drinks experiences.


International Sales Director

David has over 30 years’ industry experience in the premium spirits industry.

His multi-channel understanding of brand management, sales, marketing, and distribution has delivered success for many well-known brands including Kraken Rum, Proximo Spirits UK, Jose Cuervo and Zubrowka, the UK’s No1 selling flavoured vodka.

Timos Spanos
Sales & Marketing Manager

With over 20 years of industry experience, Timos has worked across multiple markets as a Sales & Marketing Manager for brands such as Neptune Rum, Bottega Prosecco and Three Cents.

Originally from Greece, Timos has been living in the UK for 14 years. Over the past 18 months, he has been building the Axia brand in the UK whilst also assisting in the Monaco and Greek markets, with a focus on prestige accounts.

Be Twisted.

The twisted.
Beautifully deviant,
deliciously unconventional.
they’re the difficult folks,
the nonconformists stirring life up.
Unhindered and unhinged,
un held back by what’s expected,
they conjure light with dark,
dry with sweet
to find life’s new tastes and flavours.

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