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A bold new renegade a thousand years in the making

This audacious spirit defies convention, twisting the storied traditions of the Mediterranean into a bold new spirit, creating an experience that is unexpected and exciting with every sip.


Twisted Aegean Spirit

Axia takes the millennia-old rules of Mastiha-making, and artfully twists them, aligning seamlessly with the spirit of our times. Distilled from the aromatic resin of the Mastiha tree, a gnarled and twisted evergreen found clutching to the hillsides of the Aegean island Chios, Axia is a new-to world, premium, extra dry Aegean spirit.

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Shake things Up:
Explore Cocktails with Axia

We've invited the world’s leading mixologists to push the boundaries with our extra-dry Aegean Spirit. Their challenge was to craft unexpected and exquisite cocktails that redefine taste. Enjoy the fruits of their labours by exploring these bold and inspiring recipes and infuse your creations with the artistry of our audacious spirit. 


signature serves

Axia Classic

A twist on the Classic Martini

bloody medusa

Restoration in a glass, Axia style

aegean tonic

A refreshing twist on a summer favourite

axia paloma

A new wave standout artfully twisted with Axia

Tattooed bartender pouring cocktail next to Axia bottle.

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