Axia Spirit Launches in Miami with VIP Trade Event

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Axia Spirit Launches in Miami with VIP Trade Event

Axia–one of the most unique spirits from Greece – made its official first introduction to the city of Miami through a private Expert VIP Event at Spanglish Craft Cocktail Bar + Kitchen.

The event hosted some of the most coveted and talented mixologists in the city, and they were able to dive into an immersive experience where the breezes of the Mediterranean were brought to life through captivating scenery, aromas, and sounds, inspired by the Greek culture.

In this Expert VIP Event, bartenders, mixologists, and industry tastemakers were able to experiment with Axia’s uniqueness. Not only were they able to enjoy three-course Axia-infused meals accompanied by signature mastiha cocktails created by Hector Acevedo and his team, but they were also introduced to the Axia Mixology Bar—an Axia-world-inspired bar where they were able to unveil their creativity and create their own cocktails using Axia.

Axia is an elegant, extra dry spirit distilled from the aromatic resin of the mastiha tree, a gnarled and twisted evergreen found clutching to the hillsides of Chios, Greece. Revered for its natural flavors and beauty, this resin has incited jealousy and warfare. It’s even been used as a snakebite anti-venom – a potent elixir from which our spirit has been inspired.

“We are creating a new spirit category with this product. If you think of Axia, is a based spirit that can be mixed with anything like gin, vodka, or tequila. That’s the uniqueness of the product” Says Axia’s spirit CEO Tony Chvala. Axia keeps the unique characteristics of Mastiha, but with additional velvety flavors notes of bergamot and cypress, and a fragrant rose aroma. “We are in the Premium category, we love creating events, and experiences like this one to introduce the brand and the Mastiha, in the US” Added Tony.

All those who participated in the Axia Mixology bar were part of a special competition where winners were up to the chance of winning an Axia bundle valued at $1,500.

The winners of the competition were Giorgia Crea – Known for being the National Champion of the Great Bartender Competition for “The World Class Bartender of The Year” Award and Christian Delpech, who is also a 19-time Bartending Flaring World Champion