“ Our goal is to innovate tradition. We’ve taken the history of mastiha and have transformed it into a unique white spirit, giving the world a taste of Greece. We don’t want to change your go-to cocktail, we want to make it better with Axia.”


Sustaining Ancient Traditions

For generations, the families who have lived and farmed on the local hills of Chios harvest the treasured Mastic tree twice a year. The bark is sliced and the sap is milked and left to dry in the wind to form crystal ‘tear drops’. The previous crystals are then collected, cleaned by hand and shipped to the Plomari distillery.

Legendary Taste, Distilled with Passion

At the distillery, the crystals are lovingly blended with alcohol and twice distilled in a process that fuses traditional hand-crafted copper stills with master distiller Maroussa Tschaki’s cutting-edge science. The result is a premium, extra dry and unsweetened white spirit with only 0.5% sugar and a considerably low caloric count. We call it Axia.

Twist the Rules

Modern Crafted Classic Cocktails

Discover Axia

A historic treasure, twice distilled from angel’s tears and unexpectedly twisted. This is Axia; clear liquid, dark soul, mischievous nature.


With less than 30% calories than vodka, Axia is a white spirit that mirrors the crystal-like of its provenance-but with a dark heart.


An homage to the age-old snakebite antivenom, the beautifully deviant snake coils around our bottles to release the twisted spirits of the drinker.


The taste of Axia spials around your tongue with light and dark, dry and sweet, new and old. Experience the unique masitha aroma blended with notes of rose, cypress, citrus and bergamot.


In Greek, Axia means ‘value’ or ‘worth’, a name that nods to the coloured past of this coveted battle-inducing elixir.

Our Taste Makers

Adrian Clarke

Axia Co-Founder

With 7th generations of spirit-making running through his DNA, Adrian Clarke brings an innate understanding of the industry, alongside an enthusiasm for product innovation and consumer behaviour.

How Adrian Drinks Axia: Axia Tonic

Our Taste Makers

Nikos Kalogiannis

Axia Co-Founder

A 5th generation distiller of Greek ouzo, Nikos Kalogiannis instinctively knows how to cultivate Grecian spirit. He came together with Adrian through their shared desire to create the highest quality product for modern consumption patterns.

How Nikos Drinks Axia: Neat & Chilled

Our Taste Makers

Tony Chvala

Axia CEO

Tony Chvala is at the forefront of bringing Axia to the world as the CEO. Hailing from Miami, Tony has managed and launched consumer products for Amazon, Groupon and various start-ups. Tony now brings his 20 years of experience of consumer marketing to the Axia family.

How Tony Drinks Axia: Mastiha Margarita